Our Story

The Original French Sole enjoys the iconic status of being the world's original number one leading purveyor of the most beautiful classic ballet flats and fashionable flat footwear. Founded in London by Jane Winkworth who is known as 'The Queen of Ballet Flats' and has been described by Vogue magazine as being solely responsible for turning the ballet pump into a true fashion classic.

From the humble beginnings in 1989 of a 'tabletop' business selling only through Charity Fairs, Jane then started a Mail Order company from her Chelsea home, follewed by store openings in central London. The Ballet flats were made using Jane's own materials to create her own designs with beautifully contrasting colours of trims as never seen before which created the successful path for French Sole today, and the rest is history.

French Sole ballet flats are now stocked globally and continue to design comfortable, affordable flat footwear for the most discerning and appreciative of fashionable women everywhere. The Company prides itself on high quality and craftsmanship to age-old methods of manufacture, hand lasted by artisinal shoemakers in European factories in France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. We provide beautifully handcrafted products for customers who pursue the best. Our success is born out of our desire for authenticity, individuality, precision, quality, innovation, design and craftsmanship. In a consistent effort to be mindful of our actions and in alignment with our ethos, we only use ethically sourced leathers and fabrics from the EU.

We have a desire to make products that last. We take the best skills and tried and tested methods from around the world to produce effects that reflect harmony, beauty and quality. In a consistent effort to be mindful of our actions and in alignment with our ethos, we follow what we term as 'conscious consumption'. In a fast moving, mechanised world, we take our time to consider the details. While a large amount of manmade products are made for short term use, disposable and incongruous with the environment, we strive to produce products that last. This belief influences our choices and ehaviour towards the environment and society. Our vision is to be at the forefront of a global renaissance in exquisite hand-crafted effects.